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2 The Video Database for Teaching and Learning in Football Refereeing

Authors: M. Armenteros, A. Domínguez, M. Fernández, A. J. Benítez


The following paper describes the video database tool used by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) as part of the research project developed in collaboration with the Carlos III University of Madrid. The database project began in 2012, with the aim of creating an educational tool for the training of instructors, referees and assistant referees, and it has been used in all FUTURO III courses since 2013. The platform now contains 3,135 video clips of different match situations from FIFA competitions. It has 1,835 users (FIFA instructors, referees and assistant referees). In this work, the main features of the database are described, such as the use of a search tool and the creation of multimedia presentations and video quizzes. The database has been developed in MySQL, ActionScript, Ruby on Rails and HTML. This tool has been rated by users as "very good" in all courses, which prompt us to introduce it as an ideal tool for any other sport that requires the use of video analysis.

Keywords: e-Learning, Cloud Computing, soccer, assistants referees, instructors, FIFA, referees, video database

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1 Relevance of Lecture Method in Modern Era: A Study from Nepal

Authors: Hari Prasad Nepal


Research on lecture method issues confirm that this teaching method has been practiced from the very beginnings of schooling. Many teachers, lecturers and professors are convinced that lecture still represents main tool of contemporary instructional process. The central purpose of this study is to uncover the extent of using lecture method in the higher education. The study was carried out in Nepalese context with employing mixed method research design. To obtain the primary data this study employed a questionnaire involving items with close and open answers. 120 teachers, lecturers and professors participated in this study. The findings indicated that 75 percent of the respondents use the lecture method in their classroom teaching. The study reveals that there are advantages of using lecture method such as easy to practice, less time to prepare, high pass rate, high students’ satisfaction, little comments on instructors, appropriate to large classes and high level students. In addition, the study divulged the instructors’ reflections and measures to improve the lecture method. This research concludes that the practice of lecture method is still significantly applicable in colleges and universities in Nepalese contexts. So, there are no significant changes in the application of lecture method in the higher education classroom despite the emergence of new learning approaches and strategies.

Keywords: learning strategies, instructors, learning approaches, lecture method

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