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2 Understanding the Social Movements around the ‘Rohingya Crisis’ within the Political Process Model

Authors: Aklima Jesmin, Ubaidur Rob, M. Ashrafur Rahman


Rohingya population of Arakan state in Myanmar are one the most persecuted ethnic minorities in this 21st century. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), all human beings are born free, equal in dignity and rights. However, these populations are systematically excluded from this universal proclamation of human rights as they are Rohingya, which signify ‘other’. Based on the accessible and available literatures about Rohingya issue, this study firstly found there are chronological pattern of human rights violations against the ethnic Rohingya which follows the pathology of the Holocaust in this 21st century of human civilization. These violations have been possible due to modern technology, bureaucracy which has been performed through authorization, routinization and dehumanization; not only in formal institutions but in the society as a whole. This kind of apparently never-ending situation poses any author with the problem of available many scientific articles. The most important sources are, therefore the international daily newspapers, social media and official webpage of the non-state actors for nitty-gritty day to day update. Although it challenges the validity and objectivity of the information, but to address the critical ongoing human rights violations against Rohingya population can become a base for further work on this issue. One of the aspects of this paper is to accommodate all the social movements since August 2017 to date. The findings of this paper is that even though it seemed only human rights violations occurred against Rohingya historically but, simultaneously the process of social movements had also started, can be traced more after the military campaign in 2017. Therefore, the Rohingya crisis can be conceptualized within one ‘campaign’ movement for justice, not as episodic events, especially within the Political Process Model than any other social movement theories. This model identifies that the role of international political movements as well as the role of non-state actors are more powerful than any other episodes of violence conducted against Rohinyga in reframing issue, blaming and shaming to Myanmar government and creating the strategic opportunities for social changes. The lack of empowerment of the affected Rohingya population has been found as the loop to utilize this strategic opportunity. Their lack of empowerment can also affect their capacity to reframe their rights and to manage the campaign for their justice. Therefore, this should be placed at the heart of the international policy agenda within the broader socio-political movement for the justice of Rohingya population. Without ensuring human rights of Rohingya population, achieving the promise of the united nation’s sustainable development goals - no one would be excluded – will be impossible.

Keywords: Social Justice, Civilization, Social Movement, Holocaust, Human rights violation, Military Campaign, sustainable development goal, political process model, Rohingya population, strategic opportunity

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1 Poor Jurisprudence as Revealed through Mathematical-Physical Analysis

Authors: Ferdinand Dezelak


In this paper, a human rights violation at some Slovenian courts and their bad practice is briefly highlighted. This violation has been firmly proved not just through good judicial proofs but by a full physical analysis as well. For this reason, apart from the court proceedings, some important physical facts are described, which were quite misunderstood and even intentionally neglected at four Slovenian courts. Such ignorance resulted in quite contradictory and illegal judgments. On April 12th, 2012, one attacker threw an explosive device at the victim. Apart from the fact that the use of such explosive devices is strictly forbidden, the victim consequently suffered a permanent hearing impairment, among other things. The victim reported this attack immediately to the Police, which completed its job. Unfortunately, further criminal proceedings at the different courts in Ljubljana against the attacker were corrupted, unprofessional, and completely biased by some judges. In this way, the attacker, who permanently damaged the victim’s health by throwing an explosive device, has been exonerated of any guilt. The courts confirmed this decision despite the fact that even the attacker himself fully admitted such an attack and despite many other existing evidence. Court proceedings were started by one corrupted judge, who was later found guilty of corruption and dismissed from judicial service. However, this fact did not change further corruptive proceedings significantly. This judge has namely been simply replaced by another one, which then appointed one retired court expert in order to solve some audiometric and acoustic problems concerning a victim’s hearing loss as a result of this explosion. This explosion took place very close to the victim’s right ear. The peak of its sound pressure level LC peak was around 150 dB. However, due to incorrect metrics used, this expert estimated intuitively this level to be much lower, namely 124 dB only, failing to reach the correct value by approximately 26 dB. This represents a very big error, with four hundred times too low energy value, received by the victim’s ear. Here the expert completely misinterpreted several European directives concerning this field as well. Based on such erroneous assumptions, he concluded that no hearing damage could be possible as a result of this explosion. Apart from using the incorrect metrics, he also confused some important acoustic quantities and facts, resulting in even more cardinal errors. Due to a lack of fundamental knowledge regarding high impulse noise and its propagation, he was unable to recognize the importance of its amplitude and spectral content in respect to hearing damage. He further confused reflection, refraction, diffraction, and many other factors. This all resulted in quite misleading expert opinion and its wrong conclusions. Despite numerous warnings and evidence, the new judge uncritically accepted these erroneous conclusions and made completely unacceptable and illegal judgments. The mathematical and physical analysis presented in this article additionally proves that the conscious violation of the victim’s human rights was performed by various Slovenian courts.

Keywords: Corruption, Audiometry, Human rights violation, Expert Opinion, firecracker noise, hearing damage, high impulse noise, peak sound pressure level

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