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4 Towards Understanding Arab Consumer’s Response to Foreign Marketing: An Empirical Evidence from Libya

Authors: Izzudin Busnaina


An important question for marketers in the international arena is whether the consumer’s responses (i.e., sentiment and behavioral aspects) toward the global marketing programs in developing countries depend on culture. In a study representing a large sample of consumers and four different home appliances country-of-origin global operators in Libya, the author explores the potential role of culture on Arab consumers' responses toward foreign marketing programs. Results indicate that although the foreign companies have a tendency to adopted standardization perspective, this does not impact on consumers’ responses in a single cultural context toward marketing. The findings reveal that buying behavior was more a function of individual difference than of national cultural context. Further, the results suggest that for mainstream home appliances, segmenting on the basis of nationality is probably unnecessary and that a standardized approach would likely be successful across an increasingly relevant Arab world; and that continuing perceptions of Arab insularity are likely to be misplaced. Faced with the effectiveness of globally efficient marketing programs, local manufacturers would need to work hard to identify particular niche segments where a culturally-specific appeal might be more successful.

Keywords: Consumer behavior, arab world, buyer’s characteristics, home appliances, marketing program

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3 Investigating the Correlation Between Customer Satisfaction Components and Reaching Competitive Advantage, Using SEM Approach

Authors: Samaneh Pouyanfar, Michael Oliff


Nowadays, customer satisfaction and discovering the superior services, are counted as vital issues in most manufacturing and services companies. In these terms, gaining the competitive advantage by a business depends on products and services which are able to cause the customer satisfaction. Given the importance of this subject, this paper tries to investigate the correlation between components of customer satisfaction and gaining the competitive advantage by the business. For this purpose, after reviewing the research literature and doing deep interviews with authors and active people in the industry, based on the variables affecting the customer satisfaction and determinant components of business competitive advantage, research questionnaire was prepared. In sum, 96 executives of PARS-KHAZAR Company were asked in a survey. The results of P.L.S. Test for the research structure analysis showed that the measuring tools in terms of technical features, like convergent and divergent validity and compound reliability were very appropriate. Moreover the results showed that, the structure of products and factors related to foundation, has affected the competitive advantage performance positively and significantly; but the influence of structure of services and business environment on competitive advantage was not confirmed.

Keywords: products, competitive advantage, Customer Satisfaction, foundation, home appliances

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2 Providing a Suitable Model for Launching New Home Appliances Products to the Market

Authors: Ebrahim Sabermaash Eshghi, Donna Sandsmark


In changing modern economic conditions of the world, one the most important issues facing managers of firms, is increasing the sales and profitability through sales of newly developed products. This is while purpose of decreasing unnecessary costs is one of the most essential programs of smart managers for more implementation with new conditions in current business. In modern life, condition of misgiving is dominant in all of the industries. Accordingly, in this research, influence of different aspects of presenting products to the market is investigated. This study is done through a Quantitative-Qualitative (Interviews and Questionnaire) approach. In sum, 103 of informed managers and experts of Pars-Khazar Company have been examined through census. Validity of measurement tools was approved through judgments of experts. Reliability of tools was gained through Cronbach's alpha coefficient in size of 0.930 and in sum, validity and reliability of tools were approved generally. Results of regression test revealed that the influence of all aspects of product introduction supported the performance of product, positively and significantly. In addition that influence of two new factors raised from the interview, namely Human Resource Management and Management of product’s pre-test on performance of products was approved.

Keywords: Production, Performance, Advertisement, price, home appliances, introducing products

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1 Investigating the Effective Factors on Product Performance and Prioritizing Them: Case Study of Pars-Khazar Company

Authors: Ebrahim Sabermaash Eshghi, Donna Sandsmark


Nowadays, successful companies try to create a reliable and unique competitive position in the market. It is important to consider that only choosing and codifying a competitive strategy appropriate with the market conditions does not have any influence on the final performance of the company by itself, but it is the connection and interaction between upstream level strategies and functional level strategies which leads to development of company performance in its operating environment. Given the importance of the subject, this study tries to investigate effective factors on product performance and prioritize them. This study was done with quantitative-qualitative approach (interview and questionnaire). In sum, 103 informed managers and experts of Pars-Khazar Company were investigated in a census. Validity of measure tools was approved through experts’ judgments. Reliability of the tools was also gained through Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient as 0.930 and in sum, validity and reliability of the tools was approved generally. Analysis of collected data was done through Spearman Correlation Test and Friedman Test using SPSS software. The results showed that management of distribution and demand process (0.675), management of Product Pre-test (0.636) and Manufacturing and inventory management(0.628) had the highest correlation with product performance. Prioritization of factors of structure of launching new products based on the average showed that management of volume of launched products and Manufacturing and inventory management had the most importance.

Keywords: Market, Case study, home appliances, product performance

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