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2 Effect of Clinical Depression on Automatic Speaker Verification

Authors: SHEERAZ MEMON, Namunu C. Maddage, Margaret Lech, Nicholas Allen


The effect of a clinical environment on the accuracy of the speaker verification was tested. The speaker verification tests were performed within homogeneous environments containing clinically depressed speakers only, and non-depresses speakers only, as well as within mixed environments containing different mixtures of both climatically depressed and non-depressed speakers. The speaker verification framework included the MFCCs features and the GMM modeling and classification method. The speaker verification experiments within homogeneous environments showed 5.1% increase of the EER within the clinically depressed environment when compared to the non-depressed environment. It indicated that the clinical depression increases the intra-speaker variability and makes the speaker verification task more challenging. Experiments with mixed environments indicated that the increase of the percentage of the depressed individuals within a mixed environment increases the speaker verification equal error rates.

Keywords: clinical depression, speaker verification, GMM, clinical environment

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1 Prosody Generation in Neutral Speech Storytelling Application Using Tilt Model

Authors: S. D. Shirbahadurkar, Manjare Chandraprabha A., Manjare Anil S., Paithne Ajay N.


This paper proposes Intonation Modeling for Prosody generation in Neutral speech for Marathi (language spoken in Maharashtra, India) story telling applications. Nowadays audio story telling devices are very eminent for children. In this paper, we proposed tilt model for stressed words in Marathi for speech modification. Tilt model predicts modification in tone of neutral speech. GMM is used to identify stressed words for modification.

Keywords: fundamental frequency, GMM, tilt model, statistical parametric speech synthesis

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