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2 A Study on the Determinants of Earnings Response Coefficient in an Emerging Market

Authors: Bita Mashayekhi, Zeynab Lotfi Aghel


The determinants of Earnings Response Coefficient (ERC), including firm size, earnings growth, and earnings persistence are studied in this research. These determinants are supposed to be moderator variables that affect ERC and Return Response Coefficient. The research sample contains 82 Iranian listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) from 2001 to 2012. Gathered data have been processed by EVIEWS Software. Results show a significant positive relation between firm size and ERC, and also between earnings growth and ERC; however, there is no significant relation between earnings persistence and ERC. Also, the results show that ERC will be increased by firm size and earnings growth, but there is no relation between earnings persistence and ERC.

Keywords: earnings persistence, earnings response coefficient (ERC), return response coefficient (RRC), firm size, earnings growth

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1 International Tax Strategies with Respect to The Firm Size of UK Multinational Enterprises

Authors: Jinning Hong


Based on a sample of 276 UK multinational firms (MNEs), the results of parametric tests provide support to the hypothesized relationships of tax planning and strategies with firm size of UK entities. The empirical evidence uncovers three new findings on tax planning behaviours undertaken by UK MNEs. First, tax strategy is not an integral variable, but has been treated as categorical and discrete components in practice. UK MNEs are inclined to manipulate tax incentives in a synchronized and combined manner to lessen the multinational’s tax burden. Second, small sized MNEs play an active role in exploiting tax strategies to lower their taxable income, which calls for attention on measures. Third, empirical findings suggest that benefit from treaty reliefs has been utilized widely, regardless of the firm size. The evidence indicates that the level of importance of income shifting has been eliminated, owing to the increasing tax measures.

Keywords: firm size, tax planning, international tax strategies, UK MNEs

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