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Facilities Management Related Abstracts

2 Application of Facilities Management Practice in High Rise Commercial Properties: Jos in Perpective

Authors: Aliyu Ahmad Aliyu, Abubakar Ahmad, Muhammad Umar Bello, Rozilah Kasim, David Martin


The article studied the application of facilities management practice in high rise commercial properties. Convenience sampling technique was used in administering questionnaires to the 60 respondents who responded to the survey. It was found out that the extent of application of facilities management in the subject properties is better described as below average. Similarly, the most frequently tools of facilities management in use and employed in the properties were outsourcing and in-house sourcing. This was influenced by the level of their familiarity with the tools. Planned and Preventive maintenance should be taken regularly in other to enhance the effectiveness of the facilities management and to satisfy both the owner and customers of the organization.

Keywords: High-rise Buildings, Facilities Management, commercial properties, Jos metropolis and outsourcing

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1 A Review on Literatures in Management and Maintenance of WAQF Properties in Malaysia

Authors: Huraizah Arshad, Maizan Baba


Malaysia is the country that consists of high population of Muslim community with more than 60%; as reported in year 2014. The stability of economy allowed people to contribute towards ongoing charity such as waqf and infaq. Waqf is an important component of the Islamic economic instruments since it is beneficial to help those needy in the community. Although waqf had been implemented in Malaysia for many years, there is no specific framework on how to manage and maintain the waqf properties in effective and efficient practice. Thus, a comprehensive framework related to the management and maintenance of the waqf properties is crucial to ensure that the administration of the fund is fair within the community. The objective of this article is to examine the related literatures in administration, management and maintenance of waqf for the past ten (10) years. The methodology of this article is through qualitative research based on literature on waqf administration and management; waqf planning and development and the application of maintenance concept. Data from each articles related in this field were collected and statistically analyzed using the SPSS software. A variable such as authorship patterns, number of articles published and geographical affiliation are identified in this study. The general finding in this article shows that there are still limited number of articles and papers published by the researchers related to this field. Henceforth, this article provides significant suggestions and strategies for the future research on waqf administration, management and maintenance.

Keywords: Maintenance, Waqf, Facilities Management, Administration and Management, Improvement

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