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CCD camera Related Abstracts

2 Invisible Aircraft Using Plasma Display

Authors: C. Ramamoorthy, R. Ranga Raj


In olden days the Ramayana epic depicts the usage of invisible and fuel less aircraft named pushpavimana. The change of color in the reptile family chameleon paves way for the concept of color change phenomenon available in nature. In present scenario the aircrafts are visible so it is easily identified. So there are too many problems from the threatening. Research is still going on about this problem by using Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Objective of this paper is to find much better to use the concept of invisible aircraft using plasma display through Couple Charged Device camera (CCD), which has a high resolution and can be used for many purposes like spying, defense, etc. Moreover it is cost wise cheap then, escaping the foe viewing.

Keywords: CCD camera, chameleon, invisible, plasma display

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1 Obstacle Detection and Path Tracking Application for Disables

Authors: Aliya Ashraf, Mehreen Sirshar, Fatima Akhtar, Farwa Kazmi, Jawaria Wazir


Vision, the basis for performing navigational tasks, is absent or greatly reduced in visually impaired people due to which they face many hurdles. For increasing the navigational capabilities of visually impaired people a desktop application ODAPTA is presented in this paper. The application uses camera to capture video from surroundings, apply various image processing algorithms to get information about path and obstacles, tracks them and delivers that information to user through voice commands. Experimental results show that the application works effectively for straight paths in daylight.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Face Detection, visually impaired, CCD camera, ODAPTA, Region of Interest (ROI), driver fatigue, expression recognition

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