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1 Business Education and Passion: The Place of Amore, Consciousness, Discipline, and Commitment as Holonomic Constructs in Pedagogy, A Conceptual Exploration

Authors: Jennifer K. Bowerman, Rhonda L. Reich


The purpose of this paper is to explore the concepts ACDC (Amore, Consciousness, Discipline, and Commitment) which the authors first discovered as a philosophy and framework for recruitment and organizational development in a successful start-up tech company in Brazil. This paper represents an exploration of these concepts as a potential pedagogical foundation for undergraduate business education in the classroom. It explores whether their application has potential to build emotional and practical resilience in the face of constant organizational and societal change. Derived from Holonomy this paper explains the concepts and develops a narrative around how change influences the operation of organizations. Using examples from leading edge organizational theorists, it explains why a different educational approach grounded in ACDC concepts may not only have relevance for the working world, but also for undergraduates about to enter that world. The authors propose that in the global context of constant change, it makes sense to develop an approach to education, particularly business education, beyond cognitive knowledge, models and tools, in such a way that emotional and practical resilience and creative thinking may be developed. Using the classroom as an opportunity to explore these concepts, and aligning personal passion with the necessary discipline and commitment, may provide students with a greater sense of their own worth and potential as they venture into their ever-changing futures.

Keywords: Organizational learning, Organizational change, ACDC, holonomic thinking, business pedagogy

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