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Administration Related Abstracts

10 The Presidential Mediator: Different Terminologies Same Missions

Authors: Khodr Fakih


The Ombudsman is a procedural mechanism that provides a different approach of dispute resolution. The ombudsman primarily deals with specific grievances from the public against governmental injustice and misconduct. The ombudsman theory is considered an important instrument to any democratic government. This is true since it improves the transparency of the governmental activities in a world in which executive power are rising. Many countries have adopted the concept of Ombudsman but under different terminologies. This paper will provide the different types of Ombudsman and the common activities/processes of fulfilling their mandates.

Keywords: Government, Administration, citizens, mediator, ombudsman, presidential mediator

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9 Model Development of Health Tourism at Ban Nam Chieo Community, Laem Ngop, Trat Province

Authors: Pradapet Krutchangthong, Jirawat Sudsawart


This research aims to study the health tourism administration and factors related to health tourism promotion at Ban Nam Chieo Community, Laem Ngop, Trat Province. The sample in this research is 361 tourists who use the service and Ban Nam Chieo Community residents who provide the service. Sampling was done from a population size of 3,780 using Taro Yamane’s formula. The tools used in the study were questionnaires and interviews. The statistics used in this research are percentage, mean and standard deviation. The result of Model Development of Health Tourism at Ban Nam Chieo Community, Laem Ngop , Trat Province shows that most of them are female with bachelor degree. They are government officers with an average income between 16,001-20,000 Baht. Suggested health system activities for health tourism development are: 1) health massage, 2) herbal compress, 3) exercise in the water by walking on shell. Meanwhile, factors related to health tourism promotion at Ban Nam Chieo Community, Laem Ngop, Trat Province are: 1) understanding the context of the community and service providers, 2) cooperation from related government and private sectors.

Keywords: Administration, Promotion, Health Tourism, health system activities

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8 Education Quality Assurance Administration of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

Authors: Nopadol Burananuth, Tawatpupisit Pattaradapa


The objective of this research is to study opinion of staff responsible for Quality Assurance. Research sample is 50 staff at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University related to Quality Assurance works from each faculty and organization within the university. Data were analyzed using the computer program. The statistics used in data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results reveal that most of the respondents were female, 92%, aged between 31-40 years, 44%. Most of them have been working on Quality Assurance for 1-3 years, 44%. The staff opinion survey showed that the operation received the highest score. In terms of Planning, committee appointment and job descriptions received the highest mean score. For Checking, acknowledging the results and reviewing quality in education received the highest mean score. For Acting, participating in the meeting in order to revise approach to Quality Assurance received the highest mean score. For Doing, planning an internal quality assurance by assigning period, budget and responsibilities received the highest mean score.

Keywords: Administration, staff, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, education quality assurance

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7 The Roles of Local Administration Management to Promote the Culture Based On Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy

Authors: Sukanya Sripho


The purpose of this research was to study the role of local administration management to promote culture based on philosophy of sufficiency economy to many communities in Thailand. The philosophy was given to the Thai people by their King and become one of the important policies from the Thai government. A total of 375 local people in main district, Amnadcharoen province were selected by random sampling. A questionnaire was used as the tool for collecting data. Descriptive statistics in this research included percentage, mean, and multiple regression analysis. The findings revealed that the role of facilitator was utilized the most from the management in order to promote culture based on philosophy of sufficiency economy to many communities in Thailand.

Keywords: Management, Administration, philosophy of sufficiency economy, facilitator

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6 Control and Control Systems of Administration in Nigeria

Authors: Inuwa Abdu Ibrahim


Public officials are required to posses certain values to adequately protect public interest, by being leaders that are servants of the people. The reality in Nigeria is that leaders rule as masters of the people rather than servants. The paper looked at control and control systems of administration in Nigeria, its resultant consequences and ways of achieving true control of administrators and administration. Secondary source of data was adopted for the research. It concludes that the keys to administrative efficiency and effectiveness through control are implementation of the already existing procedures and laws, as well as commitment on the part of public officials.

Keywords: Administration, Accountability, Fraud, Nigeria

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5 The Obstacles of Applying Electronic Administration at the University of Tabuk from Its Academic Leaders' Perspectives

Authors: Saud Eid Alanazi


The study aimed at recognizing the obstacles of applying of Electronic Administration (e-administration), which refers to any of a number of mechanisms which convert what in a traditional office are paper processes into electronic processes, with the goal being to create a paperless office and improve productivity and performance at the University of Tabuk from its Academic Leaders' Perspectives. The sample of the study consisted of (98) members from deans, vice deans and head of departments from different specialization, gender and position. For achieving the aim of the study, a questionnaire was developed including (45) items distributed into three domains (administrative, human and technical obstacles) . By using appropriate statistical methods to analyze the information, the results indicated that the administrative obstacles domain came in the first rank with a high degree, and the human and technical obstacles came at the second rank with a moderate degree. The study also showed that there were no statistically significant differences attributed to the variables of the members (specialization, gender and position).

Keywords: Universities, Administration, Technology, obstacles, electronic administration

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4 Nepal Himalaya: Status of Women, Politics, and Administration

Authors: Tulasi Acharya


The paper is a qualitative analysis of status of women and women in politics and administration in Nepal Himalaya. The paper reviews data of women in civil service and in administrative levels. Looking at the Nepali politics and administration from the social constructivist perspective, the paper highlights some social and cultural issues that have othered women as “second sex.” As the country is heading towards modernity, gender friendly approaches are being instituted. Although the data reflects on the progress on women’s status and on women’s political and administrative participation, the data is not enough to predict the democratic gender practices in political and administrative levels. The political and administrative culture of Nepal Himalaya should be changed by promoting gender practices and deconstructing gender images in administrative culture through representative bureaucracy and by introducing democratic policies.

Keywords: Democracy, Culture, Politics, Women, Administration, Policy, Nepal

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3 Alzheimer’s Disease Measured in Work Organizations

Authors: Katherine Denise Queri


The effects of sick workers have an impact in administration of labor. This study aims to provide knowledge on the disease that is Alzheimer’s while presenting an answer to the research question of when and how is the disease considered as a disaster inside the workplace. The study has the following as its research objectives: 1. Define Alzheimer’s disease, 2. Evaluate the effects and consequences of an employee suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, 3. Determine the concept of organizational effectiveness in the area of Human Resources, and 4. Identify common figures associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The researcher gathered important data from books, video presentations, and interviews of workers suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and from the internet. After using all the relevant data collection instruments mentioned, the following data emerged: 1. Alzheimer’s disease has certain consequences inside the workplace, 2. The occurrence of Alzheimer’s Disease in an employee’s life greatly affects the company where the worker is employed, and 3. The concept of workplace efficiency suggests that an employer must prepare for such disasters that Alzheimer’s disease may bring to the company where one is employed. Alzheimer’s disease can present disaster in any workplace.

Keywords: Employment, Disaster, Administration, Conflict, alzheimer's disease

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2 Lesson of Moral Teaching of the Sokoto Caliphate in the Quest for Genuine National Development in Nigeria

Authors: Murtala Marafa


It’s been 50 years now since we began the desperate search for a genuine all round development as a nation. Painfully though, like a wild goose chase, the search for that promised land had remain elusive. In this piece, recourse is made to the sound administrative qualities of the 19th century Sokoto Caliphate leaders. It enabled them to administer the vast entity on the basis of mutual peace and justice. It also guaranteed a just political order built on a sound and viable economy. The paper is of the view that if the Nigerian society can allow for a replication of such moral virtues as exemplified by the founding fathers of the Caliphate, Nigeria could transform into a politically coherent and economically viable nation aspired by all.

Keywords: Administration, Religion, Sokoto Caliphate, moral teachings

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1 Anatomy of the Challenges, Problems and Prospects of Polytechnic Administration in North-Central Nigeria

Authors: A. O. Osabo


Polytechnic education is often described as the only sustainable academic institution that can propel massive industrial and technological growth and development in all sectors of the Nigerian economy. Because of its emphasis on science and technology, practical demonstration of skills and pivotal role in the training of low-and-high-cadre technologists and technocrats to man critical sectors of the economy, the administration of polytechnics needs to be run according to global best standards and practices in order to achieve their goals and objectives. Besides, the polytechnics need to be headed by seasoned and academically sound professionals to pursue the goals and objectives of the schools as centres of technology, learning and academic excellence. Over the years, however, polytechnics in Nigeria have suffered a wide myriad of administrative problems and challenges which have prevented them from achieving their basic goals and objectives. Apart from regulatory problems and challenges, some heads of polytechnics do not demonstrate leadership and management skills in bringing the desired innovations in the management of the polytechnics under them. These have resulted, in most cases, to the polytechnics not performing optimally in its mandate. This paper examines the administrative problems, challenges and prospects of polytechnics education in north-central Nigeria. Using a total of 97 questionnaires consisting of semi-structured interviews of yes-or-no questions shared among staff and students of the selected polytechnics and a descriptive statistical method of analysis, the study found that the inability of the polytechnics to meet their goals and objectives is caused by administrative and organizational problems and challenges, bordering on funding, accreditation, manpower, corruption and maladministration, among others. The paper thus suggests that the leadership of the polytechnics must rise up to the demands of the time in order to deal with the administrative problems and challenges affecting them and fulfill the goals and objectives for which the schools were established.

Keywords: Education, Administration, Accreditation, polytechnic, Nigerian

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