Commenced in January 2007
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Force Signal and Superficial Electromyographic Signals Associated With Hand Movements: A General Mixed Effects Model

Authors: C. L. Sandoval Rodríguez, O. Lengerke, A. D. Rincon-Quintero


This work evaluates eight healthy subjects at two different forces and six types of hand movements (pronation, supination, ulnar deviation, radial deviation, flexion, and extension -96 records of SEMG -Force). The objective was to obtain a general mixed effects model that would allow the relation of the force signal with the tone of the forearm SEMG signals. Fixed effects were associated with the force signal and random effects with the type of movement. The work results show models at the determination coefficient R2 - median 0.7 and random effects with low incidence. The SEMG signal would explain the variation in force signal applied in each type of hand move.

Keywords: forearm SEMG, hand movements, force signal, general mixed effects model

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