Commenced in January 2007
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Self-Healing Curator for Polyurethane Formation

Authors: Akash Dhas, Shaibal Banerjee


Polyurethanes are a class of polymers that have multiple uses in industries, defence applications, and many more, but because of their inbuilt chemistry, it is very prone to crack formation. Self-healing ability is found to be useful in overcoming this issue. Until now, the polyurethanes which show self-healing properties are because of additives other than parent compositions which leads to compromise the structural integrity. Herein, we report an isocyanate-based curator which shows excellent self-healing properties via disulfide metathesis and is termed Dithiodiisocyanate (DTDI). The DTDI is capable of showing self-healing ability, a fast curing process, and excellent mechanical properties. The DTDI is prepared by one-pot synthesis and analysed by spectroscopic techniques for structure confirmation. The mechanical and self-healing properties were analysed by microscopy and UTM analysis. The prepared DTDI has the potential to replace the present isocyanates for polyurethane formation. Objective: The self-healing polyurethanes reported to date possess additives other than parent chemicals, which further compromise the structural integrity. Therefore, we prepared a curator for polyurethane formation, which itself shows a self-healing property. Methodologies: The one-pot synthesis method is used to prepare the Isocyanate based curator. The prepared curator is used in polyurethane formation with Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) to show self-healing properties. Contributions: This research can lead to a new area of self-healing methodology.

Keywords: self-healing curator, disulfides, isocyanates, polyurethanes

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