Commenced in January 2007
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Art and Science, Convergence in Women 5.0

Authors: Daniel J Patricio


Digital reality demands new ways of thinking, flexibility in learning, acquisition of new competences, visualizing reality under new approaches, generating open spaces, understanding dimensions in continuous change... We need an inclusive growth, where colors are not lacking, where lights do not give a distorted reality, where science is not half-truth. In carrying out this study, the documentary or bibliographic collection has been taken into account, providing a reflective and analytical analysis of current reality. In this context, deductive and inductive methods have been used on different multidisciplinary information sources. Women today and tomorrow are a strategic element in science and arts which, under the umbrella of sustainability, implies "meeting current needs without detriment to future generations". We must build a new scenarios, which qualifies "the feminine and the masculine" as an inseparable whole, encouraging cooperative behavior, …. nothing is exclusive or excluding; and that is where true respect for diversity must be based. We are all part of an ecosystem, which we will make more perfect, as long as there is a real balance in terms of gender. It is the time of "the lifting of the veil", in other words, it is the time to discover the pseudonyms, the women who painted, wrote, investigated, recorded advances,.... However, the current reality demands much more, we must remove doors where they are not needed: Mass processing of data, big data, needs to incorporate algorithms under the perspective of "the feminine". However, 35% of STEM students (science, technology, engineering and math) are women; they represent 28% of worldwide researchers (Unesco, 2018); in Spain women only reach 18% in these areas of knowledge. (Atenea Congress, 2019).Our way of innovating, is mediated by a biased vision from which we are not allowed to leave, focused on results to the detriment of sustainability. Historically, patterns of beauty and satisfaction have been imposed on us, by gender: the way we look, perceive, feel,... depending on the circumstances and interests of the moment. At the Arco Madrid 2019 (Contemporary Art Trade Fair) the presence of women was estimated at 26.2% according to the Association of Women in the Visual Arts. Maura Reilly shows that only a third of the artists represented by American galleries are women, in Spain it is estimated that 70% of the women studying Art History programs are women. The colors impoverish the gaze, highlight the gender gap and the silence of the feminine. Art records sensations in anticipation of the future, science will turn them into reality. The "technological singularity" demands that women occupy a prominent place both in the new forms of emotion and thought, as well as in experimentation, the development of new virtual models and, of course, in the scale of values of the so-called "5.0 society".

Keywords: Gender, Science, Art, Digitalization

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