@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9999905,
	  title     = {Multicasting Characteristics of All-Optical Triode Based On Negative Feedback Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers},
	  author    = {S. Aisyah Azizan and  M. Syafiq Azmi and  Yuki Harada and  Yoshinobu Maeda and  Takaomi Matsutani},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {We introduced an all-optical multicasting
characteristics with wavelength conversion based on a novel
all-optical triode using negative feedback semiconductor optical
amplifier. This study was demonstrated with a transfer speed of 10
Gb/s to a non-return zero 231-1 pseudorandom bit sequence system.
This multi-wavelength converter device can simultaneously provide
three channels of output signal with the support of non-inverted and
inverted conversion. We studied that an all-optical multicasting and
wavelength conversion accomplishing cross gain modulation is
effective in a semiconductor optical amplifier which is effective to
provide an inverted conversion thus negative feedback. The
relationship of received power of back to back signal and output
signals with wavelength 1535 nm, 1540 nm, 1545 nm, 1550 nm, and
1555 nm with bit error rate was investigated. It was reported that the
output signal wavelengths were successfully converted and modulated
with a power penalty of less than 8.7 dB, which the highest is 8.6 dB
while the lowest is 4.4 dB. It was proved that all-optical multicasting
and wavelength conversion using an optical triode with a negative
feedback by three channels at the same time at a speed of 10 Gb/s is a
promising device for the new wavelength conversion technology.
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