@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9999768,
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	  abstract     = {reliability-based methodology for the assessment
and evaluation of reinforced concrete (R/C) structural elements of
concrete structures is presented herein. The results of the reliability
analysis and assessment for R/C structural elements were verified by
the results obtained through deterministic methods. The outcomes of
the reliability-based analysis were compared against currently
adopted safety limits that are incorporated in the reliability indices
β’s, according to international standards and codes. The methodology
is based on probabilistic analysis using reliability concepts and
statistics of the main random variables that are relevant to the subject
matter, and for which they are to be used in the performance-function
equation(s) associated with the structural elements under study.
These methodology techniques can result in reliability index β, which
is commonly known as the reliability index or reliability measure
value that can be utilized to assess and evaluate the safety, human
risk, and functionality of the structural component. Also, these
methods can result in revised partial safety factor values for certain
target reliability indices that can be used for the purpose of
redesigning the R/C elements of the building and in which they could
assist in considering some other remedial actions to improve the
safety and functionality of the member.
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