@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9999347,
	  title     = {Coordination between SC and SVC for Voltage Stability Improvement},
	  author    = {Ali Reza Rajabi and  Shahab Rashnoei and  Mojtaba Hakimzadeh and  Amir Habibi},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {At any point of time, a power system operating
condition should be stable, meeting various operational criteria and it
should also be secure in the event of any credible contingency. Present
day power systems are being operated closer to their stability limits
due to economic and environmental constraints. Maintaining a stable
and secure operation of a power system is therefore a very important
and challenging issue. Voltage instability has been given much
attention by power system researchers and planners in recent years,
and is being regarded as one of the major sources of power system
insecurity. Voltage instability phenomena are the ones in which the
receiving end voltage decreases well below its normal value and does
not come back even after setting restoring mechanisms such as VAR
compensators, or continues to oscillate for lack of damping against the
disturbances. Reactive power limit of power system is one of the major
causes of voltage instability. This paper investigates the effects of
coordinated series capacitors (SC) with static VAR compensators
(SVC) on steady-state voltage stability of a power system. Also, the
influence of the presence of series capacitor on static VAR
compensator controller parameters and ratings required to stabilize
load voltages at certain values are highlighted.
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