@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9999179,
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	  abstract     = {The improvement of a filer case utilized to purify the
let-out smoke and smell in the production of Benjarong Ceramic is
studied through Participatory Action Research (PAR). This research
is aimed to protect smell, dirty smoke, and air pollution which are
effects of incomplete combustion in the production of Benjarong
ceramic. This research was conducted at Jongjint Benjarong Ceramic
Factory in Plai Bang, Bang Kruai, Nonthaburi Province,Thailand,
also 12 employees were interviewed for data collection. All collected
data were analyzed to develop and create solution to protect smoke
and smell pollution from Benjarong ceramic production.
The results revealed that the employees who have used the
developed filer cases are moderately satisfied. In addition to the
efficiency of developed smoke-and-smell filer cases, it was found
that Overall, the respondents were satisfied moderately with
efficiency of modified smoke and smell filter cases.
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