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	  abstract     = {Vertical slotted walls can be used as permeable
breakwaters to provide economical and environmental protection
from undesirable waves and currents inside the port. The permeable
breakwaters are partially protection and have been suggested to
overcome the environmental disadvantages of fully protection
breakwaters. For regular waves a semi-analytical model is based on
an eigenfunction expansion method and utilizes a boundary condition
at the surface of each wall are developed to detect the energy
dissipation through the slots. Extensive laboratory tests are carried
out to validate the semi-analytic models. The structure of the physical
model contains two walls and it consists of impermeable upper and
lower part, where the draft is based a decimal multiple of the total
depth. The middle part is permeable with a porosity of 50%. The
second barrier is located at a distant of 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 times of the
water depth from the first one. A comparison of the theoretical results
with previous studies and experimental measurements of the present
study show a good agreement and that, the semi-analytical model is
able to adequately reproduce most the important features of the
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