@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9999089,
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	  abstract     = {We propose obstacle classification method based on 2D
LIDAR Database. The existing obstacle classification method based
on 2D LIDAR, has an advantage in terms of accuracy and shorter
calculation time. However, it was difficult to classifier the type of
obstacle and therefore accurate path planning was not possible. In
order to overcome this problem, a method of classifying obstacle type
based on width data of obstacle was proposed. However, width data
was not sufficient to improve accuracy. In this paper, database was
established by width and intensity data; the first classification was
processed by the width data; the second classification was processed
by the intensity data; classification was processed by comparing to
database; result of obstacle classification was determined by finding
the one with highest similarity values. An experiment using an actual
autonomous vehicle under real environment shows that calculation
time declined in comparison to 3D LIDAR and it was possible to
classify obstacle using single 2D LIDAR.
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