@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9999042,
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	  abstract     = {Children today use computer based application in
various activities especially for learning and education. Many of
these tools and application such as the Computer Aided
Pronunciation Training (CAPT) systems enable children to explore
and experience them with little supervision from the adults. In order
for these tools and application to have maximum effect on the
children’s learning and education, it must be attractive to the children
to use them. This could be achieved with the proper user interface
(UI) design. As children grow, so do their ability, taste and
preferences. They interact differently with these applications as they
grow older. This study reviews several articles on how age factors
influence the UI design. The review focuses on age related abilities
such as cognitive, literacy, concentration and feedback requirement.
We have also evaluated few of existing CAPT systems and determine
the influence of age-based factors on the interface design.
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