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	  title     = {Modeling and Control Design of a Centralized Adaptive Cruise Control System},
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	  abstract     = {A vehicle driving with an Adaptive Cruise Control
System (ACC) is usually controlled decentrally, based on the
information of radar systems and in some publications based on
C2X-Communication (CACC) to guarantee stable platoons. In this
paper we present a Model Predictive Control (MPC) design of a
centralized, server-based ACC-System, whereby the vehicular platoon
is modeled and controlled as a whole. It is then proven that the
proposed MPC design guarantees asymptotic stability and hence
string stability of the platoon. The Networked MPC design is
chosen to be able to integrate system constraints optimally as well
as to reduce the effects of communication delay and packet loss.
The performance of the proposed controller is then simulated and
analyzed in an LTE communication scenario using the LTE/EPC
Network Simulator LENA, which is based on the ns-3 network
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