@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9995,
	  title     = {Biometrical Comparison of Artemia urmiana G√ľnther, 1899 (Crustacea: Anostraca) Cysts between Rainy and Drought Years (1994-2003/4) from Urmia Lake, Iran},
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	  abstract     = {Nowadays, biometrical characterizations of Artemia
cysts are used as one of the most important factors in the study of
Artemia populations and intraspecific particularity; meanwhile these
characters can be used as economical indices. For example, typically
high hatching efficiency is possible due to the small diameter of
cysts (high number per gram); therefore small diameter of cysts
show someway high quality of cysts. This study was performed
during a ten year period, including two different ecological
conditions: rainy and drought. It is important from two different
aspects because it covers alteration of A. urmiana during ten years
also its variation in the best and worst environmental situations in
which salinity increased from 173.8 ppt in 1994 to 280.8 ppt in
2003/4. In this study the biometrical raw data of Artemia urmiana
cysts at seven stations from the Urmia Lake in 1994 and their seven
identical locations at 26 studied stations in 2003/4 were reanalyzed
again and compared together. Biometrical comparison of untreated
and decapsulated cysts in each of the seven similar stations showed a
highly significant variation between 1994 and 2003/4. Based on this
study, in whole stations the untreated and decapsulated cysts from
1994 were larger than cysts of 2003/4 without any exception. But
there was no logical relationship between salinity and chorion
thickness in the Urmia Lake. With regard to PCA analyses the
stations of two different studied years certainly have been separated
with factor 1 from each other. In conclusion, the interaction between
genetic and environmental factors can determine and explain
variation in the range of cysts diameter in Artemia.},
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