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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Drinking water is one of the most valuable resources
available to mankind. The presence of pathogens in drinking water is
highly undesirable. Because of the Lateritic soil, the iron
concentrations were high in ground water. High concentration of iron
and other trace elements could restrict bacterial growth and modify
their metabolic pattern as well. The bacterial growth rate reduced in
the presence of iron in water. This paper presents the results of a
controlled laboratory study conducted to assess the inhibition of
micro-organism (pathogen) in well waters in the presence of
dissolved iron concentrations. Synthetic samples were studied in the
laboratory and the results compared with field samples. Predictive
model for microbial inhibition in the presence of iron is presented. It
was seen that the bore wells, open wells and the field results varied,
probably due to the nature of micro-organism utilizing the iron in
well waters.},
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