@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9786,
	  title     = {Scale Time Offset Robust Modulation (STORM) in a Code Division Multiaccess Environment},
	  author    = {David M. Jenkins Jr.},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Scale Time Offset Robust Modulation (STORM) [1]–
[3] is a high bandwidth waveform design that adds time-scale
to embedded reference modulations using only time-delay [4]. In
an environment where each user has a specific delay and scale,
identification of the user with the highest signal power and that
user-s phase is facilitated by the STORM processor. Both of these
parameters are required in an efficient multiuser detection algorithm.
In this paper, the STORM modulation approach is evaluated with
a direct sequence spread quadrature phase shift keying (DS-QPSK)
system. A misconception of the STORM time scale modulation is that
a fine temporal resolution is required at the receiver. STORM will
be applied to a QPSK code division multiaccess (CDMA) system
by modifying the spreading codes. Specifically, the in-phase code
will use a typical spreading code, and the quadrature code will
use a time-delayed and time-scaled version of the in-phase code.
Subsequently, the same temporal resolution in the receiver is required
before and after the application of STORM. In this paper, the bit error
performance of STORM in a synchronous CDMA system is evaluated
and compared to theory, and the bit error performance of STORM
incorporated in a single user WCDMA downlink is presented to
demonstrate the applicability of STORM in a modern communication
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