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	  abstract     = {In recent years, most of the regions in the world are
exposed to degradation and erosion caused by increasing
population and over use of land resources. The understanding of
the most important factors on soil erosion and sediment yield are
the main keys for decision making and planning. In this study, the
sediment yield and soil erosion were estimated and the priority of
different soil erosion factors used in the MPSIAC method of soil
erosion estimation is evaluated in AliAbad watershed in southwest
of Isfahan Province, Iran. Different information layers of the
parameters were created using a GIS technique. Then, a
multivariate procedure was applied to estimate sediment yield and
to find the most important factors of soil erosion in the model. The
results showed that land use, geology, land and soil cover are the
most important factors describing the soil erosion estimated by
MPSIAC model.},
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