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	  abstract     = {Reactive powder concretes (RPC) are characterized by
particle diameter not exceeding 600 μm and having very high
compressive and tensile strengths. This paper describes a new
generation of micro concrete, which has an initial, as well as a final,
high physicomechanical performance. To achieve this, we replaced
the Portland cement (15% by weight) by materials rich in Silica (Slag
and Dune Sand).
The results obtained from tests carried out on RPC show that
compressive and tensile strengths increase when adding the additions,
thus improving the compactness of mixtures via filler and pozzolanic
With a reduction of the aggregate phase in the RPC and the
abundance of dune sand (south Algeria) and slag (industrial byproduct
of blast furnace), the use of the RPC will allow Algeria to
fulfil economical as well as ecological requirements.},
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