@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9690,
	  title     = {A Numerical Study of Single-phase Forced Convective Heat Transfer in Tube in Tube Heat Exchangers},
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	  abstract     = {Three dimensional simulations in tube in tube heat
exchangers are investigated numerically in this study. In these
simulations forced convective heat transfer and laminar flow of
single-phase water are considered. In order to measure heat transfer
parameters in these heat exchangers, FLUENT CFD Solver is used in
this numerical method. For the purpose of creating geometry and
exert boundary and initial conditions in the present model, finite
volume method in Computational Fluid Dynamics is used in this
study. In the present study, at each Z-location, variation of local
temperatures, heat flux and Nusselt number at the whole tube is
investigated in detail. Thereafter, averaged computational Nusselt
number in this model is calculated. In addition, conceivable pressure
drops have been obtained at each Z-location in this model. Then,
pressure drop values in the present model are explored. Finally, all
the numerical results for this kind of heat exchanger will be discussed
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