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	  abstract     = {Producing IT products/services required carefully
designed. IT development process is intangible and labour intensive.
Making optimal use of available resources, both soft (knowledge,
skill-set etc.) and hard (computer system, ancillary equipment etc.),
is vital if IT development is to achieve sensible economical
advantages. Apart from the norm of Project Life Cycle and System
Development Life Cycle (SDLC), there is an urgent need to establish
a general yet widely acceptable guideline on the most effective and
efficient way to precede an IT project in the broader view of Product
Life Cycle. The current paper proposes such a framework with two
major areas of concern: (1) an integration of IT Products and IT
Services within an existing IT Process architecture and; (2) how IT
Product and IT Services are built into the framework of Product Life
Cycle, Project Life Cycle and SDLC.},
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