@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9566,
	  title     = {DTC-SVM Scheme for Induction Motors Fedwith a Three-level Inverter},
	  author    = {Ehsan Hassankhan and  Davood A. Khaburi},
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	  abstract     = {Direct Torque Control is a control technique in AC
drive systems to obtain high performance torque control. The
conventional DTC drive contains a pair of hysteresis comparators.
DTC drives utilizing hysteresis comparators suffer from high torque
ripple and variable switching frequency. The most common solution
to those problems is to use the space vector depends on the reference
torque and flux. In this Paper The space vector modulation technique
(SVPWM) is applied to 2 level inverter control in the proposed
DTC-based induction motor drive system, thereby dramatically
reducing the torque ripple. Then the controller based on space vector
modulation is designed to be applied in the control of Induction
Motor (IM) with a three-level Inverter. This type of Inverter has
several advantages over the standard two-level VSI, such as a greater
number of levels in the output voltage waveforms, Lower dV/dt, less
harmonic distortion in voltage and current waveforms and lower
switching frequencies. This paper proposes a general SVPWM
algorithm for three-level based on standard two-level SVPWM. The
proposed scheme is described clearly and simulation results are
reported to demonstrate its effectiveness. The entire control scheme is
implemented with Matlab/Simulink.},
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