@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9474,
	  title     = {Discovery of Fuzzy Censored Production Rules from Large Set of Discovered Fuzzy if then Rules},
	  author    = {Tamanna Siddiqui and  M. Afshar Alam},
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	  abstract     = {Censored Production Rule is an extension of standard
production rule, which is concerned with problems of reasoning with
incomplete information, subject to resource constraints and problem
of reasoning efficiently with exceptions. A CPR has a form: IF A
(Condition) THEN B (Action) UNLESS C (Censor), Where C is the
exception condition. Fuzzy CPR are obtained by augmenting
ordinary fuzzy production rule “If X is A then Y is B with an
exception condition and are written in the form “If X is A then Y is B
Unless Z is C. Such rules are employed in situation in which the
fuzzy conditional statement “If X is A then Y is B" holds frequently
and the exception condition “Z is C" holds rarely. Thus “If X is A
then Y is B" part of the fuzzy CPR express important information
while the unless part acts only as a switch that changes the polarity of
“Y is B" to “Y is not B" when the assertion “Z is C" holds. The
proposed approach is an attempt to discover fuzzy censored
production rules from set of discovered fuzzy if then rules in the
A(X)  B(Y) || C(Z).},
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