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	  abstract     = {In this paper, three dimensional flow characteristic was
presented by a revision of an impeller of an axial turbo fan for
improving the airflow rate and the static pressure. TO consider an
incompressible steady three-dimensional flow, the RANS equations
are used as the governing equations, and the standard k-ε turbulence
model is chosen. The pitch angles of 44°, 54°, 59°, and 64° are
implemented for the numerical model. The numerical results show that
airflow rates of each pitch angle are 1,175 CMH, 1,270 CMH, 1,340
CMH, and 800 CMH, respectively. The difference of the static
pressure at impeller inlet and outlet are 120 Pa, 214 Pa, 242 Pa, and 60
Pa according to respective pitch angles. It means that the 59° of the
impeller pitch angle is optimal to improve the airflow rate and the
static pressure.},
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