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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This paper describes a practical approach to design
and develop a hybrid learning with acceleration feedback control
(HLC) scheme for input tracking and end-point vibration suppression
of flexible manipulator systems. Initially, a collocated proportionalderivative
(PD) control scheme using hub-angle and hub-velocity
feedback is developed for control of rigid-body motion of the system.
This is then extended to incorporate a further hybrid control scheme
of the collocated PD control and iterative learning control with
acceleration feedback using genetic algorithms (GAs) to optimize the
learning parameters. Experimental results of the response of the
manipulator with the control schemes are presented in the time and
frequency domains. The performance of the HLC is assessed in terms
of input tracking, level of vibration reduction at resonance modes and
robustness with various payloads.},
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