@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9381,
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	  abstract     = {S-boxes (Substitution boxes) are keystones of modern
symmetric cryptosystems (block ciphers, as well as stream ciphers).
S-boxes bring nonlinearity to cryptosystems and strengthen their
cryptographic security. They are used for confusion in data security
An S-box satisfies the strict avalanche criterion (SAC), if and only if
for any single input bit of the S-box, the inversion of it changes each
output bit with probability one half. If a function (cryptographic
transformation) is complete, then each output bit depends on all of
the input bits. Thus, if it were possible to find the simplest Boolean
expression for each output bit in terms of the input bits, each of these
expressions would have to contain all of the input bits if the function
is complete. From some important properties of S-box, the most
interesting property SAC (Strict Avalanche Criterion) is presented
and to analyze this property three analysis methods are proposed.},
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