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	  abstract     = {The manufacturing transmission line tower parts has
being generated hazardous waste which is required proper disposal
of waste for protection of land pollution. Manufacturing Process in
the manufacturing of steel angle, plates, pipes, channels are passes
through conventional, semi automatic and CNC machines for
cutting, marking, punching, drilling, notching, bending operations.
All fabricated material Coated with thin layer of Zinc in Galvanizing
plant where molten zinc is used for coating. Prior to Galvanizing,
chemical like 33% concentrated HCl Acid, ammonium chloride and
d-oil being used for pretreatment of iron. The bath of water with
sodium dichromate is used for cooling and protection of the
galvanized steel. For the heating purpose the furnace oil burners are
used. These above process the Zinc dross, Zinc ash, ETP sludge and
waste pickled acid generated as hazardous waste. The RPG has
made captive secured land fill site, since 1997 since then it was
using for disposal of hazardous waste after completion of SLF
(Secured land fill) site. The RPG has raised height from ground
level then now it is being used for disposal of waste as he designed
the SLF after in creasing height of from GL it is functional without
leach ate or adverse impacts in the environment.},
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