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	  abstract     = {A new analytical method to predict the torsional
capacity and behavior of R.C multi-cell box girders strengthened with
carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) sheets is presented.
Modification was done on the Softened Truss Model (STM) in the
proposed method; the concrete torsional problem is solved by
combining the equilibrium conditions, compatibility conditions and
constitutive laws of materials by taking into account the confinement
of concrete with CFRP sheets. A specific algorithm is developed to
predict the torsional behavior of reinforced concrete multi-cell box
girders with or without strengthening by CFRP sheets. Applications
of the developed method as an assessment tool to strengthened multicell
box girders with CFRP and first analytical example that
demonstrate the contribution of the CFRP materials on the torsional
response is also included.},
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