@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/925,
	  title     = {Simulation of Enhanced Biomass Gasification for Hydrogen Production using iCON},
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	  abstract     = {Due to the environmental and price issues of current
energy crisis, scientists and technologists around the globe are
intensively searching for new environmentally less-impact form of
clean energy that will reduce the high dependency on fossil fuel.
Particularly hydrogen can be produced from biomass via thermochemical
processes including pyrolysis and gasification due to the
economic advantage and can be further enhanced through in-situ
carbon dioxide removal using calcium oxide. This work focuses on
the synthesis and development of the flowsheet for the enhanced
biomass gasification process in PETRONAS-s iCON process
simulation software. This hydrogen prediction model is conducted at
operating temperature between 600 to 1000oC at atmospheric
pressure. Effects of temperature, steam-to-biomass ratio and
adsorbent-to-biomass ratio were studied and 0.85 mol fraction of
hydrogen is predicted in the product gas. Comparisons of the results
are also made with experimental data from literature. The
preliminary economic potential of developed system is RM 12.57 x
106 which equivalent to USD 3.77 x 106 annually shows economic
viability of this process.},
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