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	  abstract     = {Missing data is a persistent problem in almost all
areas of empirical research. The missing data must be treated very
carefully, as data plays a fundamental role in every analysis.
Improper treatment can distort the analysis or generate biased results.
In this paper, we compare and contrast various imputation techniques
on missing data sets and make an empirical evaluation of these
methods so as to construct quality software models. Our empirical
study is based on NASA-s two public dataset. KC4 and KC1. The
actual data sets of 125 cases and 2107 cases respectively, without
any missing values were considered. The data set is used to create
Missing at Random (MAR) data Listwise Deletion(LD), Mean
Substitution(MS), Interpolation, Regression with an error term and
Expectation-Maximization (EM) approaches were used to compare
the effects of the various techniques.},
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