@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9135,
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	  abstract     = {ZnO nanostructures including nanowires, nanorods,
and nanoneedles were successfully deposited on GaAs substrates,
respectively, by simple two-step chemical method for the first time. A
ZnO seed layer was firstly pre-coated on the O2-plasma treated
substrate by sol-gel process, followed by the nucleation of ZnO
nanostructures through hydrothermal synthesis. Nanostructures with
different average diameter (15-250 nm), length (0.9-1.8 μm), density
(0.9-16×109 cm-2) were obtained via adjusting the growth time and
concentration of precursors. From the reflectivity spectra, we
concluded ordered and taper nanostructures were preferential for
photovoltaic applications. ZnO nanoneedles with an average diameter
of 106 nm, a moderate length of 2.4 μm, and the density of 7.2×109
cm-2 could be synthesized in the concentration of 0.04 M for 18 h.
Integrated with the nanoneedle array, the power conversion efficiency
of single junction solar cell was increased from 7.3 to 12.2%,
corresponding to a 67% improvement.},
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