@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/9004,
	  title     = {Experimental Investigation and Sensitivity Analysis for the Effects of Fracture Parameters to the Conductance Properties of Laterite},
	  author    = {Bai Wei and  Kong Ling-Wei and  Guo Ai-Guo},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This experiment discusses the effects of fracture
parameters such as depth, length, width, angle and the number of the
fracture to the conductance properties of laterite using the DUK-2B
digital electrical measurement system combined with the method of
simulating the fractures. The results of experiment show that the
changes of fracture parameters produce effects to the conductance
properties of laterite. There is a clear degressive period of the
conductivity of laterite during increasing the depth, length, width, or
the angle and the quantity of fracture gradually. When the depth of
fracture exceeds the half thickness of the soil body, the conductivity of
laterite shows evidently non-linear diminishing pattern and the
amplitude of decrease tends to increase. The length of fracture has
fewer effects than the depth to the conductivity. When the width of
fracture reaches some fixed values, the change of the conductivity is
less sensitive to the change of the width, and at this time, the
conductivity of laterite maintains at a stable level. When the angle of
fracture is less than 45°, the decrease of the conductivity is more
clearly as the angle increases. But when angle is more than 45°,
change of the conductivity is relatively gentle as the angle increases.
The increasing quantity of the fracture causes the other fracture
parameters having great impact on the change of conductivity. When
moisture content and temperature were unchanged, depth and angle of
fractures are the major factors affecting the conductivity of laterite
soil; quantity, length, and width are minor influencing factors. The
sensitivity of fracture parameters affect conductivity of laterite soil is:
depth >angles >quantity >length >width.},
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