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	  abstract     = {The effect of the discontinuity of the rail ends and the
presence of lower modulus insulation material at the gap to the
variations of stresses in the insulated rail joint (IRJ) is presented. A
three-dimensional wheel – rail contact model in the finite element
framework is used for the analysis. It is shown that the maximum stress
occurs in the subsurface of the railhead when the wheel contact occurs
far away from the rail end and migrates to the railhead surface as the
wheel approaches the rail end; under this condition, the interface
between the rail ends and the insulation material has suffered
significantly increased levels of stress concentration. The ratio of the
elastic modulus of the railhead and insulation material is found to alter
the levels of stress concentration. Numerical result indicates that a
higher elastic modulus insulating material can reduce the stress
concentration in the railhead but will generate higher stresses in the
insulation material, leading to earlier failure of the insulation material},
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