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	  abstract     = {The aim of this study is to examine the reading
comprehension scores of Turkish 5th grade students according to the
variables given in the student questionnaire. In this descriptive
survey study research participated 279 5th grade students, who
studied at 10 different primary schools in four provinces of Ankara in
2008-2009 academic year. Two different data collection tools were
made use of in the study: “Reading Comprehension Test" and
“Student Information Questionnaire". Independent sample t-test, oneway
Anova and two-way Anova tests were used in the analyses of
the gathered data. The results of the study indicate that the reading
comprehension scores of the students differ significantly according to
sex of the students, the number of books in their houses, the
frequency of summarizing activities on the reading text of free and
the frequency reading hours provided by their teachers; but, differ
not significantly according to educational level of their mothers and
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