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	  abstract     = {The compression-absorption heat pump (C-A HP), one
of the promising heat recovery equipments that make process hot
water using low temperature heat of wastewater, was evaluated by
computer simulation. A simulation program was developed based on
the continuity and the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Both
the absorber and desorber were modeled using UA-LMTD method. In
order to prevent an unfeasible temperature profile and to reduce
calculation errors from the curved temperature profile of a mixture,
heat loads were divided into lots of segments. A single-stage
compressor was considered. A compressor cooling load was also
taken into account. An isentropic efficiency was computed from the
map data. Simulation conditions were given based on the system
consisting of ordinarily designed components. The simulation results
show that most of the total entropy generation occurs during the
compression and cooling process, thus suggesting the possibility that
system performance can be enhanced if a rectifier is introduced.},
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