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	  abstract     = {The manufacture of large-scale precision aerospace
components using CNC requires a highly effective maintenance
strategy to ensure that the required accuracy can be achieved over
many hours of production. This paper reviews a strategy for a
maintenance management system based on Failure Mode Avoidance,
which uses advanced techniques and technologies to underpin a
predictive maintenance strategy. It is shown how condition
monitoring (CM) is important to predict potential failures in high
precision machining facilities and achieve intelligent and integrated
maintenance management. There are two distinct ways in which CM
can be applied. One is to monitor key process parameters and
observe trends which may indicate a gradual deterioration of
accuracy in the product. The other is the use of CM techniques to
monitor high status machine parameters enables trends to be
observed which can be corrected before machine failure and
downtime occurs.
It is concluded that the key to developing a flexible and intelligent
maintenance framework in any precision manufacturing operation is
the ability to evaluate reliably and routinely machine tool condition
using condition monitoring techniques within a framework of Failure
Mode Avoidance.},
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