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	  abstract     = {Spare parts inventory management is one of the major
areas of inventory research. Analysis of recent literature showed that
an approach integrating spare parts classification, demand
forecasting, and stock control policies is essential; however, adapting
this integrated approach is limited. This work presents an integrated
framework for spare part inventory management and an Excel based
application developed for the implementation of the proposed
framework. A multi-criteria analysis has been used for spare
classification. Forecasting of spare parts- intermittent demand has
been incorporated into the application using three different
forecasting models; namely, normal distribution, exponential
smoothing, and Croston method. The application is also capable of
running with different inventory control policies. To illustrate the
performance of the proposed framework and the developed
application; the framework is applied to different items at a service
organization. The results achieved are presented and possible areas
for future work are highlighted.},
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