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	  abstract     = {The flow field over a three dimensional pole barn
characterized by a cylindrical roof has been numerically investigated.
Wind pressure and viscous loads acting on the agricultural building
have been analyzed for several incoming wind directions, so as to
evaluate the most critical load condition on the structure. A constant
wind velocity profile, based on the maximum reference wind speed in
the building site (peak gust speed worked out for 50 years return
period) and on the local roughness coefficient, has been simulated.
In order to contemplate also the hazard due to potential air
wedging between the stored hay and the lower part of the ceiling, the
effect of a partial filling of the barn has been investigated.
The distribution of wind-induced loads on the structure have been
determined, allowing a numerical quantification of the effect of wind
direction on the induced stresses acting on a hemicylindrical roof.},
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