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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The flow field and the motion of the free surface in an
oscillating container are simulated numerically to assess the numerical
approach for studying two-phase flows under oscillating conditions.
Two numerical methods are compared: one is to model the oscillating
container directly using the moving grid of the ALE method, and the
other is to simulate the effect of container motion using the oscillating
body force acting on the fluid in the stationary container. The
two-phase flow field in the container is simulated using the level set
method in both cases. It is found that the calculated results by the body
force method coinsides with those by the moving grid method and the
sloshing behavior is predicted well by both the methods. Theoretical
back ground and limitation of the body force method are discussed,
and the effects of oscillation amplitude and frequency are shown.},
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