@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/8296,
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	  abstract     = {Direct fermentation of 226 white rose tapioca stem to
ethanol by Fusarium oxysporum was studied in a batch reactor.
Fermentation of ethanol can be achieved by sequential pretreatment
using dilute acid and dilute alkali solutions using 100 mesh tapioca
stem particles. The quantitative effects of substrate concentration, pH
and temperature on ethanol concentration were optimized using a full
factorial central composite design experiment. The optimum process
conditions were then obtained using response surface methodology.
The quadratic model indicated that substrate concentration of 33g/l,
pH 5.52 and a temperature of 30.13oC were found to be optimum for
maximum ethanol concentration of 8.64g/l. The predicted optimum
process conditions obtained using response surface methodology was
verified through confirmatory experiments. Leudeking-piret model
was used to study the product formation kinetics for the production
of ethanol and the model parameters were evaluated using
experimental data.},
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