@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/829,
	  title     = {Firing Angle Range Control For Minimising Harmonics in TCR Employed in SVC-s},
	  author    = {D. R. Patil and  U. Gudaru},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Most electrical distribution systems are incurring large
losses as the loads are wide spread, inadequate reactive power
compensation facilities and their improper control. A typical static
VAR compensator consists of capacitor bank in binary sequential
steps operated in conjunction with a thyristor controlled reactor of the
smallest step size. This SVC facilitates stepless control of reactive
power closely matching with load requirements so as to maintain
power factor nearer to unity. This type of SVC-s requiring a
appropriately controlled TCR. This paper deals with an air cored
reactor suitable for distribution transformer of 3phase, 50Hz, Dy11,
11KV/433V, 125 KVA capacity. Air cored reactors are designed,
built, tested and operated in conjunction with capacitor bank in five
binary sequential steps. It is established how the delta connected TCR
minimizes the harmonic components and the operating range for
various electrical quantities as a function of firing angle is
investigated. In particular firing angle v/s line & phase currents, D.C.
components, THD-s, active and reactive powers, odd and even triplen
harmonics, dominant characteristic harmonics are all investigated and
range of firing angle is fixed for satisfactory operation. The harmonic
spectra for phase and line quantities at specified firing angles are
given. In case the TCR is operated within the bound specified in this
paper established through simulation studies are yielding the best
possible operating condition particularly free from all dominant
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