@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/8284,
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	  abstract     = {Post cracking behavior and load –bearing capacity of
the steel fiber reinforced high-strength concrete (SFRHSC) are
dependent on the number of fibers are crossing the weakest crack
(bridged the crack) and their orientation to the crack surface. Filling
the mould by SFRHSC, fibers are moving and rotating with the
concrete matrix flow till the motion stops in each internal point of the
concrete body. Filling the same mould from the different ends
SFRHSC samples with the different internal structures (and different
strength) can be obtained. Numerical flow simulations (using Newton
and Bingham flow models) were realized, as well as single fiber
planar motion and rotation numerical and experimental investigation
(in viscous flow) was performed. X-ray pictures for prismatic
samples were obtained and internal fiber positions and orientations
were analyzed. Similarly fiber positions and orientations in cracked
cross-section were recognized and were compared with numerically
simulated. Structural SFRHSC fracture model was created based on
single fiber pull-out laws, which were determined experimentally.
Model predictions were validated by 15x15x60cm prisms 4 point
bending tests.},
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