@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/8231,
	  title     = {Mega Projects and Governmentality},
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	  abstract     = {Mega urban transport projects (MUTPs) are
increasingly being used in urban environments to ameliorate the
problem of congestion. However, a number of problems with regard
to mega projects have been identified. In particular the seemingly
institutionalised over estimation of economic benefits and persistent
cost over runs, could mean that the wrong projects are selected, and
that the projects that are selected cost more than they should. Studies
to date have produced a number of solutions to these problems,
perhaps most notably, the various methods for the inclusion of the
private sector in project provision. However the problems have
shown significant intractability in the face of these solutions. This
paper provides a detailed examination of some of the problems
facing mega projects and then examines Foucault-s theory of
'governmentality' as a possible frame of analysis which might shed
light on the intractability of the problems that have been identified,
through an identification of the art of government in which MUTPs
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