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	  abstract     = {Radial flow reactor was focused for large scale
methanol synthesis and in which the heat transfer type was cross-flow.
The effects of operating conditions including the reactor inlet air
temperature, the heating pipe temperature and the air flow rate on the
cross-flow heat transfer was investigated and the results showed that
the temperature profile of the area in front of the heating pipe was
slightly affected by all the operating conditions. The main area whose
temperature profile was influenced was the area behind the heating
pipe. The heat transfer direction according to the air flow directions. In
order to provide the basis for radial flow reactor design calculation, the
dimensionless number group method was used for data fitting of the
bed effective thermal conductivity and the wall heat transfer
coefficient which was calculated by the mathematical model with the
product of Reynolds number and Prandtl number. The comparison of
experimental data and calculated value showed that the calculated
value fit the experimental data very well and the formulas could be
used for reactor designing calculation.},
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